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The wait is over and we have a winner in the 2022 Gunter Library Neighborhood Challenge.  Drum roll please. 

The Bridges is the winner this year!!

The new families moving into all the homes along JC Maples and Bledsoe slotted as the In the Country community helped that area come in as a close 2nd. 
We didn’t make our $5,000 stretch goal this year but came close with $4,350 collected and announced at the July 4th Gunter event.  To date, this is the most our library has collected for the NC annual fundraiser. 
Thank you to each community and every family that made a donation. 
As a 100% volunteer and community funded library your commitment to supporting our financial need is greatly appreciated. 
If you didn’t get a chance to donate it’s not too late, just stop in or scan the QR codes to donate now. 
Everyone keep reading!

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