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Why be a library volunteer?

Give Back to the Bookish Community

Libraries are really a feat: usually totally free, yet accessible to all, they give people a chance to better themselves, enjoy themselves, and find resources for their entire families. The fact that books are being used to do this makes it all the better! Even if the main tasks that you are assigned to do as a volunteer seem far from glamorous, like scanning books as they return to the library or shelving books in the correct order, they are necessary parts of the experience and thus a vital part of a very important mission.

Another thing to think about is that time is money for a library. If they would have to pay someone else dollars per hour to do the tasks you are completing, you are basically giving that many dollars to the library every hour! You are a philanthropist. I like to think of any time volunteering in terms of the books being bought because you can take on some free work for them.

Run Programs Related to Your Expertise

Libraries these days offer programs from story time to career prep, from cookbook clubs to writing workshops. If you can have a book for it, there’s a way to make a library program out of it! This means that one great way to donate your time at your library is to volunteer to run a program. You get to teach people who are grateful for the knowledge, and you keep the costs low so that the barrier to entry is small as well.

Recommend Great Reads to Others

Immersing yourself in the library environment helps you. It also empowers you to help others at the same time. You can tell your friends at work or school about the latest and greatest books. There is something about being known as the “reader” in your friend group that is quite empowering. You can also physically bring friends a copy of the book, provided they turn it in on time!

Teen and adult volunteers help build community by promoting lifelong learning, encouraging human connections, and sharing resources.

Special Talents

Consider volunteering if you can offer your time and talent with serving on the board, IT support, Grant writing, social media management, Storytime lead, etc.


Make a difference by volunteering!

The Gunter Library and Museum provides a variety of volunteer opportunities for you to give back to the community and serve neighbors in need.  Volunteering for just 4 hours a month guarantees our doors stay open.

Without volunteers, we wouldn’t have a library in Gunter.


Volunteer Form


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

From the day we opened our doors in 2003, we have operated with no paid employees and depend on volunteers who generally give their time and resources.

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