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Gunter HS Library Volunteer

Reanna Kiiru 


Reanna Kiiru, Gunter High School Sophomore, joined the Gunter Library in 2021 as a student volunteer. We thank her for the generous gift that she has given us in working with the children of Gunter over the past two years. 


Reanna’s faithful volunteer service makes such a difference for the children that visit the library each week.  The kids all look up to her and love all the time and energy she has put into helping them with their Summer Reading Program crafts and other special library events these past two years.


This summer Reanna also started training as a staff assistant.  In this volunteer role she staffs the library front desk to help members check in and out books, catalog and spine, shelve and pull books and add new book covers.


Member families tell us that Reanna helps the kids be more confident and excited about trips to the Gunter Library.  She makes it look easy and we’re so happy to have Reanna be a student member of our library team.

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