The Gunter Library & Museum opened its doors in 2003. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and rely on the generosity of Gunter residents whom we serve with joy. Please donate today.


110 S. Hwy 289 Ste. 4

Gunter, TX 75058


Share a Haiku or Two

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

A haiku is a non rhyming 3 line poem with a total of 17 syllables.

Each line of the poem has specific number of syllables. Line 1 has 5 syllables, line 2 has 7 syllables, and line 3 also has 5 syllables. While many haikus describe something in nature, this is not required. Poetry is about expressing ones inner thoughts and feelings, so write about whatever you wish.

Here is a haiku I wrote that expresses my feeling toward the Gunter Library library:

Tiny and quiet

Our neighborhood library

A labor of love

We would love to read and share your haikus! Send poems to gunterpatrons@gmail.com with your permission allowing us to display the poem in the library.

Happy writing!