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Craft: Fairy Tale Wand

The magic of summer is upon us! Summer Reading theme is Imagine Your Story and fairy tales are full of imagination.

In your blue Summer Reading bag you will find a zip lock baggie with:

1 gold stick

1 gold glitter star

Several strips of colorful ribbon

First, tie the ribbon to one end of the stick half and inch from the top

Next, tape the stick to the back of the gold glitter star

Finally, curl the ends of the ribbon with scissors (or leave long if you prefer)

Bibbity Bobbity Boo! You now have your very own fairy tale wand!

Enjoy these books that go along with this craft:

Winnie's Magic Wand (YouTube Read-a-loud)

Sleeping Beauty Retold by Sarah Gibb

Princess in Training by Tammie Sauer

A Cooked up Fairy Tale by Penny Parked Klosterman

These titles and more can be found at the library.

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