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Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Dragon

This craft is simple and oh so fun! The idea was found through Pintrest (like most ideas are) and it fit so well with this year's Summer Reading theme of Imagine Your Story.

For those who picked up a Summer Reading bag from the library, all the materials you need for this craft are in one of the zip lock bags ('s the one with the toilet paper roll). Lay out all the materials.

You should have:

1 tp roll

1 green piece of construction paper

2 googly eyes

2 big pompoms

2 little pompoms

Several strips of orange and red crepe paper

First, wrap the green paper around the tp roll and glue down (there should be a glue stick in the blue Summer Reading bag).

Next, on one end of the tp roll glue the strips of crepe paper to the inside of the tube

Next, glue the googly eyes on the large pompoms

To complete your dragon, glue the small pompoms on the tp roll close the crepe paper and the large pompoms near the other end

Ta-da! Now blow into the tube and you have your very own fire breathing dragon!

Here a few fun books to go along with this craft:

The Paper Bag Princess (Read-a-loud on Youtube)

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

There was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by Penny Parker Klostermann

These titles and more can be found at the library.

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